Spearhead: AAR for LT60M

My brief notes and game play images from the first opposed play of Less Than 60 Miles using the Spearhead scenario.
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DAY0 HH00 [Turn 1]

2019-05-16 22.32.23.jpgFulda in this scenario is not the focus of the Soviet invasion. Rather it is designed to keep US forces pinned down.Thus 3 Divisions plan to attack. The US needs to exit units North, and hold its geographic position.

Opening move:

Soviets conduct air strikes and spend command points to allocate Intel gather on the 11th Armoured Cav’s helo support.

2019-05-17 10.43.17.jpg2019-05-17 10.43.48.jpg

They also place heavy interdiction on approach routes of 3rd Armoured.

Use see that the East German border has been crossed and note heavy Civilian traffic, their air executes deft +4MP interdictions upon the advancing Communist forces, slowing them even further. We can expect some Civilian casualties from this effort no doubt….

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DAY0 HH06 [Turn 3]
Now 79th Guard Tank forces close on the Fulda River line and the 11th AC’s defensive positions, and the recently arrived 1-33 from 3rd Armoured also takes up position near Nuehof. All bridges are blown and the attack that the Soviets prepare for starts off well with 15 Combat support points being allocated.

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However they fail to gain the advantage of encirclement, or adjacency and they lose momentum making the hasty river crossing during the attack. While US EW has no effect Soviet efforts confuse air support coming into the CAS area.

2019-05-17 13.53.19.jpg

The attack goes in at a nasty -5 differential and he rolls a 1. 2 attrition points on him and the 1-33rd is now half engaged. But all of the other Soviet units are stuck along the road behind and its a tangle web with Arty trying to stay close, but not too close. The US rotate out 1-33 and rotate in 1-48th


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2019-05-17 11.25.07.jpg
Fog prevails grounding half of the WP airforce and a third of NATO’s.
1-48th Detects and inflicts a step of attrition with effective barrage fire.
17th Guard attacks and earns a 2/0. losing 2 of 5 attrition points. However the support choppers take damage and lose a step.

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DAY0 HH1500 [Turn 4]

With the day waning and peak hour Friday traffic kicking in we called the game with the view to setting up the campaign to allow us to take off the bumpers and flex the system fully. The Soviets drove each division across a too wide front 4-5 hexes instead of 2 or 3. By the end of turn 4 the US looks to have a secure defense in the south with a lot of arty support, and in the center can even look to prepare to counter attack. While in the North the 11th AC will continue to ease back and connect with 3rd Armoured support elements and armour, fighting a delaying action.

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