Table Air Combat Part 3 & Conclusions


Combat at its core is very simple. After all elements have moved, any elements that are in range and pointing at an enemy element gets to fire. To fire with fixed front guns some part the target element must line up within the side edges of the firing plane extended. Some planes have tail guns, and some even have side gunners. Those are flexible guns and they have a firing arc.

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Table Air Combat Part 2

Continuing Chris Buhl’s article on Table Air Combat [Find Part 1 here]


The base rules are 17 pages long, with lots of graphics. They are very simple and easy to learn. I was playing the game about 15 minutes after finishing the first set of components. If the plane is a bomber then there are additional rules for bombing, flexible gunfire and flak (about 8 pages), if it’s a torpedo bomber an additional page for how to do that. This review is going to go into quite a bit of detail about the rules, I hope I don’t make them seem complicated. I think the game has a lot of depth, but it is super easy to learn.


I wrote an AAR specifically focusing on game rules and concepts, so I’m going to use excerpts from that for a major portion of this review. If you want to read it beginning to end, you can use this link to see all of my AAR’s if you have a BGG account.

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