Islamic State: The Syria War (2018)

Some stalls, some fits and starts…

Posted to BGG:

What are the DAESH combat support units please?
Which units are the 12 AQ units?
Which units are SAA?
Why are some units marked XX combat facotr 3 and some X combat factor 3 i.e. #16 and the TAS unit?
DAESH have different backs. when placing for setup does back matter? If so should these be placed randomly?

Now the good news is, the rest of the rules appear to read and flow well. But I’m a bit stumped by unit identifications and bits and bobs. Perhaps I’m getting slow in the dottage as they say!!!

This games predecessor had a very quick play model and was straight forward also. Though it was easy for the USA to simply smash and grab for the win that I saw. I’m assuming based on what I am reading here, with Leader captures, Snatch and Grabs by SOF, US facing off against Russia and the System playing the DAESH / AQ via chit pull actions that this will play markedly different.
Lets hope so.

Hey!! At least say something! ;)

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