Berlin 1985

SPI old school.

Solid game, but once again a victim of mechanical game design. Taking teh template of past mechanics for movement, eZocs and combat the company placed a pastiche of ‘period specific’ and thematic elements for ¬†believability and play balance. The best aspect of this game was the Terrain combat modifiers. I liked how they interacted.


3 thoughts on “Berlin 1985

  1. I played this through recently for the first time since I got it with my S&T subscription a long time ago. I agree that the mechanics are vintage SPI, though if you listen to the interview with Jim Dunnigan on Guns Dice and Butter from last year, he notes that SPI’s business model required cranking lots of product out the door each month, so it’s not surprising that “house style” games predominated. It’s actually amazing that SPI in its last years did so much good work (I still prize my copies of Atlantic Wall and Wellington’s Victory from that era).
    The terrain effects chart is interesting. One of the frustrating things about the game is the hidden counter deployment, so you are never sure as NATO what units you are putting into the line. What commander would entrust a key position to a randomly assigned unit?

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