Austerlitz PBeM /4 8AM

PBEM game play of Rising Eagles continues from earlier posts:


The Advance Guard is now safely across the stream and has secured one VC location on the left. This may quickly fall back in French hands when reinforcement arrives. In the mean time we attempt to flank Telnitz. With our next activation after to interpose moving a hidden unit [you cant move same formation back to back], we might be able to attack Davout?

Imperial Guard advance! Now if that arrived early or was committed early that would be a game changer!

Col 3 begins its journey forward carefully looking to secure a line of defense and hold off any rush from the French.

The half way mark of the turn is also triggered. This is better for the Coalition than it is the French. They want long turns we want short turns!

Which ends Kienmayers 2nd activation.

Davout activates and does not receive any reinforcement. Instead accurate Cannonade forces Doctorhovs stack of brigades to take flight! This could take some time to rectify! In the ensuing mess, the French being to move back across the stream.

We fail to activate Doctorov and cant imagine getting Buxhowden to activate AND have a successful rout recovery, so we opt to shift the focus to the top of the map. Where we push Kollowrath forward. Below we hope to setup in and around Blaziowitz, but also try and understand just where his real formations are by using the dummies to flush him out.

The turn ends, several formations take their strategic moves.

We both position units to be in visible range next turn [four hexes.] 2/3s of his chits are in the center. Lannes will be exposed next turn, which we are sure is his actual formation. It will be up to Bagration to hold the line there. He seems to be positioning Soults IV corp to attack or hold across a wide frontage basedon the spread. Or to guard his right perhaps, while the Gd and Grenadiers pass thru?

Who knows!

I must get after Davout this turn ASAP. We have to damage that severely, and I intend on using some cards to make sure we do!

On to 9AM.

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