WWII in 7 minutes…

An excellent graphical map based video to show the ebb and flow of WWII. This has given me an idea to track progress of the war for our play thru on a map of Europe! I shall start thinking about how to share that with you and post it up once we have all of 1939 posted and results in. 1940 and 1941 we shall attempt to do some maps concurrently.

I marveled at this video reflecting upon my own experiences documenting the chronological walk thru of WWII.

Thanks to Youtuber EmperorTigerstar for this and many other awesome vids.

This allows you to see the various Euro theatres being enacted, and interesting timing of events. Seeing for instance Rommels push across Afrika during ’42 at the same time that the Caucasus became a focus in Russia was excellent.

In our walk thru all has gone historically to form so far from 1939 thru late July of ’41… but you don’t know all of that yet. Those posts are coming.

The main deviation so far has been the Afrika campaign. Where twice now the Axis forces have run amok across the Deserts! Dancing on the very Sphinx!:).

More on that also.


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