World War Two Chronological Walk 1943

Lets follow the year of 1943 in WWII, and take a look at what titles used to cover off on the major events of ’43. All AARS future and past will be posted here to log our progress thru the war.

You can see past Years here: 1939 , 194019411942 

January 2, 1943 – Allies take Buna in New Guinea.

January 14-24 – Casablanca conference between Churchill and Roosevelt. During the conference, Roosevelt announces the war can end only with “unconditional German surrender.”

January 22, 1943 – Allies defeat Japanese at Sanananda on New Guinea.

January 29-30 – Battle of Rennell Island – Pacific Theater

February 1, 1943 – Japanese begin evacuation of Guadalcanal.


See Pacific War game play of the Guadalcanal campaign.

February 2, 1943 – Germans surrender at Stalingrad in the first big defeat of Hitler’s armies.

February 19-25 – Battle of Kasserine Pass – North Africa

Should I play a special title here? Ugh…maybe I can find a small title. Maybe a scenario from a larger game?

February 19-March 15 – Third Battle of Kharkov – Eastern Front


Operation Star,

I think I have a OCS scenario for this. Plus the Battle for Stalingrad counter Offensive in Fortress Stalingrad from S&T 114 looks into this also.

March Rzhev-Vyazma Offensive

March 2-4 – Battle of the Bismarck Sea – Pacific Theater

March 20-28 – Montgomery’s Eighth Army breaks through the Mareth Line in Tunisia.

April 18 – Operation Vengeance (Yamamoto Shot Down) – Pacific Theater

April 19-May 16 – Warsaw Ghetto Uprising – Eastern Front

May 10, 1943 – U.S. Troops invade Attu in the Aleutian Islands

May 17 – Operation Chastise (Dambuster Raids) – European Theater

July 9-August 17 – Invasion of Sicily – Mediterranean

Sicily OCS, Battle for Sicily if it is out in 2016/17!

July 24-August 3 – Operation Gomorrah (Firebombing Hamburg) – European Theater

August 6/7, 1943 – Battle of Vella Gulf in the Solomon Islands.

August 23, 1943 – Soviet troops recapture Kharkov.

August 25, 1943 – Allies cocomplete the occupation of New Georgia

August 17 – Schweinfurt-Regensburg Raid – European Theater

September 3-16 – Invasion of Italy – European Theater

Planned title: Anzio reprint Avalon Hill

September 26 – Operation Jaywick – Pacific Theater

October – Battle of Lenino

November 6, 1943 – Russians recapture Kiev in the Ukraine.

November 2 – Battle of Empress Augusta Bay – Pacific Theater

November 20-23 – Battle of Tarawa – Pacific Theater

SPI Tarawa

November 20-23 – Battle of Makin – Pacific Theater

December 26 – Battle of the North Cape – Atlantic Ocean

December 24-26 – Soviets launch offensives on the Ukrainian front.

Ukraine ’43 will fit nicely here! Even tho it seems this is set in August?


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