What you need to know from the GMT Newsletter

That time has rushed upon us again. The GMT Fall Sale.

Of course GMT is a gush with discounts for the P500 loyalists.

The usual deal 50%. off for each p500 or 20% off for non p500 buyers. Oh and + ONE title more at 50% off. So if you  p500’d 4 titles like me you can buy 5 @ 50% discount.


I have a small handful to pick up but I am not really sure I ‘need any games’
Perhaps Fire in the Lake?

The Supreme Commander?

That said the real news presented in marketing puff pastry speak  is that they are reviewing the development and production process and placing some stronger processes in place to make sure there are no more Won by the Swords, or The Supreme Commanders. That is an expensive way to do business! Bravo and well done!

This is excellent news even at the cost of delaying new game print slots it is well worth it.


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