Urban Operations : Lead the Way /1

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This is an AAR of Lead the Way, using Vassal for pictures.
I hope you will be lenient, I don’t speak English as well as I would like.Introduction: When a block has no name, I use XY-N, where X is “U” for UN and “S” for SNA, Y is the impulse (1, 2 …) and N is the block number.UN Placement: few choices, I prefer to put lt di Tomasso in C0816 and U3-2 in C0818, the SNA leader Group impulse tend to focus on the block in C0818, so it is better that it is stronger here.

SNA Placement: I try to be adjacent to the population to avoid the song of the little birds, it doesn’t leave many choices, but I still plan an attack on C0818. To do this, S1-0 is placed in C0608, S1-2 in C0807,
and S1-4 in C2218.

Why in C2218? Because when I’ll activate this impulse, the block will go in C2119 and will shoot RPG on U3-2 in C0818. If I had previously managed to have a reaction from U3-2, he could no longer withdrawal,
and had to accept the exchange of fire, which caused him to lose 2OSL, one for antitank weapon against personnel, and one for the population behind S1-4.

I place S1-3 in C2414, exactly 11 squares of C3814, the first one that come, I shoot my RPG. The dummy 1 in C2707, and the dummy 2 in C1516.
UN: “We’re taking heavy small arms fire”, the best UN red cards for the first round, it doesn’t penalize anyone, except the support & rescue group, who really doesn’t intend to move more than 3MP.
SNA: “Mob moves”, the worst of the red cards of the SNA, the population are likely to move, and thus allow the little birds to act.
Dice roll 3, odd, not good for the SNA
Population in C0708: 9, the UN moves population in C0607
Population in C2607: 1 the population moves to C2608
Population in C1615: 4, the population moves in C1614
Population in C2314: 8 The SNA moves population to C2315
Population in C3116: 2, the pawn moves population to C3016
Population in C2319: 8 The SNA moves population to C2219
The Black Hawks reveals the two blocks closest to the west entrance, in the event that they are
Dummies, indeed a block can only move 9MP if it is not in sight of an enemy block, and a Dummy is a
block. C2707 disappears; S1-3 is revealed in C2414.
The Little bird shoots on hex C0907, S1-2 lose 2OSL.
In the first round, the UN has the initiative
Delta group acts first, so let’s get in. Since there is no initial resistance in south, the delta group will regroup to the north, with impulse 3, leaving the impulse 2 alone for the south. Cpt Miller enters C3806 and moves to C3714, U1-2 follows him to C3813. U1-3 enters C3814, and is immediately shot by S1-3,with his Rpg, U1-3 has an inadequate armament and must therefore attempt a Withdraw: 0, loss of 2 OSL , U1-3 takes refuge in C3716. S1-3 also loses an OSL for anti-tank weapon use on personnel, but it’s cheap to have reduced a delta force to nearly nothing. U1-4 moves from C3814 to C3314.

The leader group will try to attempt a reaction from U3-2, in order to hurt him afterwards with an Rpg shot. First, encirclement, S2-4 enters C1225 and moves to C1220, S2-3 enters C0525 and moves to C0419, and S2-0 enters C0525 and moves to C0522. Now let’s enter the bait, S2-2 enters C0825, and goes straight ahead, towards U3-2, but the Ranger group has nerves of steel, and doesn’t react, S2-2 stops its progression in C0822, without firing a shot. The question of stopping in C0823, in order to shoot S2-2 can be asked. There is less than one chance in 5 that S2-2 loses at least one OSL, and almost 4 out of 5 chances that U3-2 loses at least one OSL. Is it valuable to risk this kind of disadvantage in the first round? I let you judge. At the end of the movement, I have two blocks at 3PM of U3-2, with a bit of luck there will be assault on Round 2.

I don’t want to activate the Impulse 3 as long as it has not undergone the test of fire, meanwhile, I activate Impulse 2, running, making a maximum of MP at the Shelter of the SNA.

No choice, I have to activate the impulse 1, trying to damage the UN. S1-4 moves in C2119, 13 squares of U3-2, shoulder his RPG, and balance his pellet. Fortunately, U3-2 has not already made a Reaction, it
can therefore try to withdraw in C0720, “1” -2OSL, not good! Knowing that, it would have been better if U3-2 replicated with its M72LAW, it was a certain 2OSL lost, but the SNA could have been eradicated.
S1-4 loses 1OSL, it doesn’t compensate, but that’s good.
S1-2 shoots U3-1, who can’t reply, without hurting Di Tomasso, it is therefore Di Tomasso who replies in his place. SNA 3, UN 9! Unexpected (finally, 9% chance that it’s happens) S1-2 dies in terrible suffering.
S1-0 is positioned in C0708, which will force the U2 group to move 6PM instead of 9. S1-3 hides in C2415, thinking, perhaps wrongly, that the delta force wants his skin.

U3-2 takes refuge in the nearest Kasbah (59) passing by C0620, its +1 will compensate its -1 of low OSL. Di Tomasso takes refuge in 36.2, also to benefit from the +1. In the super61, U3-2 begins to pray. U3-3 and U3-4 enter through C3814 and run to C3013 and C3014.

End of first round.

UN: “No clear target”, no 3D action this turn, not good, I would have liked to shoot S2-2
SNA: “Hidden in the mob”, I decide to wait to use it, I prefer to replace population by a member of the
leader group, or if I have the happiness to have a second identical card, to play the Two strokes in
succession to change one or two blocks from totally to weakly operational.
Well, no 🙁
1, the UN retains initiative
Not too much to reflect, it is the delta force, and one rushes, the only imperative is that U1-3 is not
visible from SNA. Otherwise, in case of loss of initiative in the third round, the last SNA reinforcement
could have good target to shoot on. U1-4 finds shelter in building 42.2, why? Ask the question to S1-3,
who fell Suddenly surrounded with great affection, if he had known, it was he who would have come
back in 42.1, but Then he would no longer be adjacent to the population for the 3D action (which did not
take place), and in Doubt …. U1-3 moves to C3012, Miller moves to C2814, and U1-2 to C2914.

First, try not to use the leader group until the U3 group has been used, in this case, U3-1 can’t heal once
it has been shot, and it is possible to shoot him again the next turn, which Made two shots before the
slightest care. It remains the group S1, no emergency, and the group S3, which enters from the south,
and, well, let us enters.
S3-2 enters C1911, S3-0 to C1301, the idea is to prevent the U2 group from running, and, on a
misunderstanding, shoot them during a move in the firing window, the leader being less than 6EP, to
avoid Flame return too fast. Then, S3-2 will go into building 10 to climb upstairs this will make Also a
thorn in the foot of the UN. S3-3 enters C0701 and moves to building 3.1. S3-4 enters C0701 and moves
to C0507.

I activate the impulse 2. I will show the SNA militia that it is a false good idea to get in the way Of my
path. U2-3 ranges from C3005 to C2806, forcing S3-2 to a reaction shot. If S3-2 waits for another
Opportunity, it may be weaker the next time an opportunity arises. SNA (5 + 2 + 1) «4», UN (6 + 1) «6»,
without the SNA leader, it was a UN victory at least. Does S3-2 lose a second OSL? “9”, no. U2-3 avoids
her losing her OSL? “0”, if. U2-3 fires “9” on S3-2 “5”, critical shot, bye bye S3-2. The way is open, the
others, (apart from the Lt Perino who is seen from S1-0) move up to 9MP. U2-2 go to C2106, U2-4 to
C2205 U2-1 to C2805 (to heal U2-3, next round), Cpt Steel in C2305 and Lt Perino in C2506.

Impulse 1: feeling that it starts to heat, S1-3 folds back in C1718, and S1-4, who did what it was Had
asked, will position itself in C1716, next to population. To avoid a Lost bullet, S1-0 returns to C0608.

Cruel dilemma, I have only 3 impulses, either I play U3 now, or I pass, hoping that the SNA will not pass,
so I could play U3 after S2. Come on, I pass!

Either I play, U3 plays after me, or I pass, but the more I pass, the nearest the reinforcements are, So I
play, maybe this is a mistake, we’ll see. S2-4 moves to C1018. S2-3 moves through C0519 and C0618 to
stop in front of U3-1 in C0719. U3-1 makes a reaction fire, UN(4 + 2 + 2 + 1) “1” SNA (7 + 1) “6”, equals,
S2-3 loses an OSL, U3-1 “9” , no. S2-3 shoots: S2-3 (7 + 1) “8”, U3-1 (4 + 2 + 1) “0”, U3-1 “4” loses an OSL.
S2-2 shoots also on U3-1. S2-2 (7 + 1) “0”, U3-1 (4 + 2 + 1) “1”, equals, S2-2 loses an OSL, U3-1 “8”, no.
S2-2 comes in C0722. S2-0 moves to C0419.

U3-1 heals himself, as it is not a movement, the SNA can’t do reaction fire. U3-2 moves to C2114 and
U3-3 to C2213. The others don’t move (yet)

End of the second round.

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