Upfront Settlement:

As the farce continues, Radiant settles, paying Phil 132k, but now has just a few weeks on the clock for the license.
What will happen next?
BGG User Kuhrusty posted this awesome image:

Read the details here:

Then click on Civil District Case information, and the case number is DC1302152, that will get you to the source documents!

Between this and Total War who needs TV?

4 thoughts on “Upfront Settlement:

  1. So that’s half the Kickstarter money used for the settlement. The other half is still being held up by the court until legal costs can be determined – so most of the rest of the money will likely go toward that. I’m not sure what Radiant is getting out of the settlement. They won’t have any money left to produce the game. And I’m not sure what hanging onto the rights gets them, either – certainly nobody will want to do business with them after this. Creating another shell corporation is not going to fool anyone in a community this small.

  2. Not hardly trolling. Card game mechanics have left Up Front in the dust. It’s of no interest to me, no interest to those I game with. It has a life due to the shady dealings surrounding its rebirth, little else. But thanks for your opinion on my opinion.

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