Typos and Updates

Good news. GMT has released (only on Consimworld so far) 1 1/2 pages of typos for the Won by the Sword  game. There is also a 2nd document called updates.



The next document “updates” is a little more problematic.

It details the map error. The wording errors on the cards…. These really should be reprinted perhaps? Or could we just slap a sticky note on the card? All teh siege work markers are wrong and need to have +20 added to the back.

A few minor errors on the Charts are fixed. Some look to me to be significant enough to warrant a reprint, i.e. the Combat table.

4 fairly meaty pages of errors or clarifications (seems to be some finely tuned wording here for some reason as to WHAT the changes are). Most or many appear to be omissions and corrections. So this is really 4 pages of errata for a 12 page rule book.

The play book has just half a page of double spaced corrections. Then a final 1/2 dozen or so questions.

I dont see all of the questions resolved that were posted on BGG, where I know some folks have gone through and done what amounts to playtesting of the game to source clarifications, inconsistencies and errors.

I love Ben’s work, however it seems the GMT “process” was not managed well, or was side stepped. For my money I understand and expect some errata, even some errors on maps or counters to sneak through. This appears to be a wholesale break down. Especially when we compare this to say Red Winter or Panzer! Where for some reason either the play testers or the designer or the project management was more tightly done.

I sense this is a first pass so my $55.00 bucks sits on the shelf until it is ready for prime time, with a full Living rules update. Let us see what GMT does for card /chart replacement. I think the counter errors and map error is manageable but cards are a problem.

links to the 2 documents on CSW:

Doc 1: http://talk.consimworld.com/WebX?233@@.1dcdfe35!enclosure=.1ddae2dd

Doc 2: http://talk.consimworld.com/WebX?233@@.1dcdfe35!enclosure=.1ddae2de

One thought on “Typos and Updates

  1. The amount of errata accumulated for such a small rulebook is really troubling. And we know their list of errata doesn’t include everything because they ignore BGG. The comment made on BGG about the “correction” to the CRT is actually not a correction and in fact creates other problems with other results. It’s a math thing so I can’t say I understand it in detail. But wow even the fixes aren’t fixes. I put this one away for the time being. I’m waiting on new rules, charts and cards before trying to play this anymore.

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