Turn 8, Preview of The Mighty Endeavour 2


As we dig into Turn 8, the inexorably powerful Soviet machine advances ever West.

In a recessed or stand off defense the Eastern German forces stack up to defend. Not a good idea.

The Soviets make one attack at 2:1 and another at 4:1 and a final attack at 7:1.

The kick in the nuts for both sides….

Results are doubled. Yes. Doubled. Now the Germans receive the Tactical adeptness benefit on the attack. But still. OUCH

Soviet Turn 8 TMEII

Soviet Turn 8 TMEII

The result 1 Panzer division +3 steps lost for the Axis and the Soviets lose a step on their best division Tank Guard Corps and 7 other steps.

Oh. No replacements in the East either. What you see if what you got, plus a few miserly reinforcements.

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