Week 3, Trouble in Woods – Third World War



Recap from the end of the last post:




Sweden Enters in under limited participation.




[No restraint by either side in regards to usage of nuclear ordinance.

[Losses are heavy for both sides as we kill off the shot down forces.]

But NATO builds a slight edge and looks confident in the Battle for Germany in the air.

No black jacks- !!!! Fail air maintenance.


The Danes, Belgians, and Austrians all hit shaken status and refuse to attack or fight unless on home ground. Their airforces stand down.]


“Premier, our forces have reported that the Austrians, Danes and Belgians have stood down their aircraft and sought shelter inside their borders”

“Let us not be over confident yet General Zitsraktchen, It is the Americans we must break, not a beer brewers and yodel masters” Said the Premier.

“Then let us strike with a nuclear device! Blow up the Fulda Gap forces, then watch them cave” Said another of the Premiers council of military advisors.

“Nyet, I will not risk the Mother land becoming the waste land. NEVER! There will be no nukes, not even Arty. Do you hear me? ” He held a hand up to still further dissent. “Nothing. Even in retaliation to US Nuke Arty…nothing!!!”

Later that day in Estafan:

Persian Gulf

“Strike package away , that’s for Istanbul you fuckers” said the pilots.

Four Divisions of Soviet and Iranian forces are completely wiped out.

B-52s bomb Estaphan back to the stone age.

4 hits on units eliminating all of them.

In the North heavy air attacks have limited effect.

With a sense of urgency the NATO forces are attempting to create problems for the Soviets in several areas to disallow convergence of force by them.

Spanish, Jugo and Turk airforces combine to knock out the battered Rumanian forces. Losing 4 steps. This weakens the thrust on Istanbul.



The Prime Minister of Turkey is flown from Isatanbul as Soviet Marines and Paras land on the Easrtern Isthmus. Frantic calls to the USA are met with a cool reception.

Invasion by sea, 2 Divisions by air

[1 aborts. 1 step loss.]

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