The Supreme Commander Turn 1

turn1TSC  Initial setup. [Noted Errors- Should have had a unit next to Krakow to limit Flank bonus.] TSC_t1   Axis roll well and push Italian Diplomacy to G3. So when Paris falls the Italians automatically enter the war.

diplomaticT1   Poles fall like a sack of poop. With big rolls and Air bonus’s put paid to the  holding out idea. TSC_polandT1   The UK invest in two units and place 1 from SA in the transfer box and 1 in London (Inf Corps). The French play hard for Diplomatic relations with Spain. FAIL. The Soviets move units per the rules into Eastern Poland. Great Turn 1 for the Axis.

Turn 2  Axis convince Mussolini to join the war! This brings 3 Corps in Northern Italy and 1 Armor Corps. TSC_startT2   The Germans convert Corps to Armies and slog thru the mud and approach France. Their HQ moves to West front along with Air. Forces sit in prevent positions on the Eastern Front. The Allies save MSU and only spend on Spain. Which fails AGAIN. TSC_T3   The C-Wealth move units to Tunis, and now have 4 CF in Cairo area along with SA unit. In the North at the turn end: TSC_T3_Nth   The Allies build a French HQ, and transfer one more unit to France from England. The French tweak the maginot line. We noted the purchase of the FJ airborne…sigh. The Soviet shave 7 mandatory units in Eastern Poland. They save for Tech, either Tank or Infantry.

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