The Heat is On_LNL_LOF#14

Time to get playing some groovy LOF 14 LNL action! In this scenario the US forces and Militia are now fighting against the Russian incursion circa 1985.

An elite force of Rangers is aided by a rag tag crew of Syrian Militia. Their goal to hinder supply and reinforcement of the attack by the Soviets! The action kicks off with Soviets entering in a flexible convoy mode! Lets follow the action.

The Soviets must exit 2 trucks for the win and have a meager force comprised of Sgt Trininov, and just 4 squads to protect the convoy. Light armored vehicles lead the way (BRDM) armed with 7.62mm Mg’s). In the rear a BTR 70 covers, with Trininov peering from the cupola.

Rangers deploy with Militia via chit pull in a SSR (Special Scenario Rule). Limiting a lot of choices for the ‘Allied’ team. This mitigates the need for extensive Convoy special rules. Redeploying units are also managed via SSR. While victory looks easy the Soviets have a lot of map and a few Road blocks to deal with to earn a win via a South to North map transition and exit.

Here is an image of US forces sans weapons kit.

Its HOT!!! Lets Roll!


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