The Dark Valley Case Blue Scenario

An overview of Soviet Units. Likely setup of their defense.

CB_1_SovD_overviewClick thru for larger image.



2014-02-15 22.06.24


2014-02-15 22.06.29

The units SE of Orel present a risk if the Axis focus there. I am wondering if we should move some of the units with white combat factors (they have Zocs, the rest of the armies do not, to spread them amongst the weaker 1-4 stacks. I’m Moscow Centric at the moment as I look at it.

VC’s are a mixed bag gain 7 victory cities, or grab the South- Sevas/Stalingrad etc, or the North: Moscow Grosny, Leningrad.

Rostov- Orel2014-02-15 22.06.43


I’m pretty deep in Sevastopol., but offering a bit of a gateway to the Causcus oil, another VC opportunity with exited units also.

2014-02-15 22.06.48


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