The Dark Sands

I’m pretty excited about this game. I think the The Dark Valley was fun. It did not ‘conform’ to history but it was a darn good time. that counts. It has 84 orders including mine, so its brand new to the fold, lets git ‘her done so we can play next summer.

-From Ted Racier:

As I get ready to hand in TDS to GMT in the next couple of weeks, I want to note that it is probably the only strategic level North Africa game with no supply counters or supply points to fiddle with.

Heresy, I know, but this is not to say that there are no supply limits on operations, only that the chit system from TDV builds those limits directly into the actions available, without the need for supply counters or tracks.

Combined with a few simple limits on British activity on the west map and Axis activity on the east map, along with a few simple rules on the importance of Tobruk (including as a source of captured supplies when it changes hands), the introduction of two logistics chits, and the fatal effects of being still OOS during attrition, the players are realistically limited in their actions with no need for an involved supply routine.

In sum, the game puts the players in the shoes of Rommel and the 8th Army commanders, and not their supply staffs, and the results is a game where players can concentrate on the sort of operational and tactical decisions that made these campaigns legendary.


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