TBL (12th of May 1940) Turn 2

Turn 2

Well as luck would have it Initiative falls to the Germans, on a 5v4 roll! In the last turn the Aliies took 9 step losses and the Germans 4.

In the North the Germans begin by trying to clear some obstructions for supply for trace for units way west near the coast that are attempting to connect with the 7th FJ, and block Allied relief forces.

The 7th and 22nd begin moving about. The necessities to clear Weert of the supply inhibiting Dutch force the Germans to use 3x 88 Air strikes. This is the entire allotment for the turn. It is then that the   Germans see a means force a surrender roll!

By moving thru the destroyed Fortress at Dordrecht they can place Armoured Cars and Arty next to Den Haag and Rotterdam! 3rd Panzer already fueled races along the lowlands, we can image the stunned villagers and towns folk seeing the Swastika laden covered vehicles scream by. To make matters worse a few minor unit moves of the 22nd Luftlander and the 7th FJ places the entire Dutch army out of trace supply!

The roll results in a dramatic surrender on the 12th of May two days earlier than historically happened.

The Germans no doubt are pleased with progress in the North. Rapid planning now ensues as they assess how to divert units to join the fighting in Belgium.  The SS:V and another Panzer Division will Strat move to the Liege vicinity and aid that breakthrough or assist in a crossing at Hasselt, Glemboux.

The Dutch force hamper maneuver until the end of the 14th. The 7th FJ and 22nd LuftLander will be used as a garrison force.  The 9th Panzer will re consolidate and drive South to threaten Antwerp and the coastal VP locations.  A frantic movement of SP and HQ’s ensues!

Note: Liege last turn we had an error on combat. Suffice to say that Liege Fortress on the Maas near Maastricht has been destroyed and the Germans cross the Maas. This allows the Germans to envelope the Liege on turn 2.

In the Ardenne panzers overrun the last roadblock to Sedan. The 10th , Kliest and others advance to rapidly thru the wooded trails to a railhead crossing.  The Fortress is just 2 CF and a AR of 3. We can imagine the horrified look on the French forces holding this partially reinforced part of the Maginot Line. As battalions and regiments of all colors and stripes stream across the rail bridge just South of Sedan, of the 90th , 1/8 Battalion and 86th Regiment of 10th Pzr along with selected forces from Kliest , 1st and 2nd Pzr press into the overwhelming attack. [Odds ended up 12:1 5 v 2 AR, 1 Hog.]

Reserve units now stream thru the breach. Each Division has its individual mission to expand the Bridgehead. The entire 5th and 6th Panzer Divisions are across the Meuse.

French Turn.

The Dutch blow dumps where possible. The Belgians reinforce Liege and the FR 1Motorized mosve to reinforce the Albert Kanal line.  A second defensive line is started @ Dijle River with the intent of developing a tough defense from Antwerp to Namur.

In the Ardennes, a lot of Break down units peel off from French Divisions to plug other holes on wooded secondary roads. The brave French Cavalry Forces and their Armored cars harass and threaten the now 15 mile long line of Strat moving forces. A token assault on an Artillery  unit goes well, not so an attack upon a MG Battalion in heavy woods.

The French lose 3 steps, and are forced to retreat away from the Sedan bridgehead in the Sth East Corner.

The French Plan:

The French will reinforce Verdun and Metz. Paris WILL NOT FALL.

The BEF are prepared to run to the South map to evacuate, and avoid the Mauling VP loss. The Ports are also up for grabs and no real fight will be made for them.  The Belgians can have 1M from the French and 2-4 turns of Support from Antwerp to Namur. From that point onwards the Belgians are on their own.


For the French if all goes to plan they will hold for a historical Draw, and Paris will not fall. Not ideal, but unless something changes (i.e. a good surge or a means to inflict a slowdown and major counter offense the French and BEF must husband resources and milk losses on the Germans to blunt the effectiveness of their overwhelming superiority in armor.

6 thoughts on “TBL (12th of May 1940) Turn 2

  1. Hi,

    First of all thank you for the interesting posts about TBL.

    I have one question though, shouldn’t you roll for the surrender of Holland at the end of the game turn (i.e. after the Allies get to move)?



  2. Defending the entire front to the coast and possibly hiding the BEF too keep it from getting Mauled will be tough, considering that the breakthrough is closer to a lot of those places than your left wing forces are.

    If you retire too fast, the Jerries will have time to pick one goal and make a try at taking it against just a portion of your forces, since the rest have to guard the line.

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