Tenkatoitsu brief AAR

This one is a handful to manage. You can practice pronouncing the name correctly here:

Now you know how to pronounce the game name đŸ˜‰ !!!

Lets see what happens:


The opposing armies were both eager this foggy AM to destroy each other most completely. For the stakes were high, the prizes was control of all of the lands of the Rising Sun, the penalty for failure possibly death, most certainly disgrace.

Yet some forces had not chosen sides? Some had promised to change sides. Yet others were reluctant allies.

As formations were prepared to activate, Leaders pondered many choices. Who could be relied on, would the lower ranked lords execute instructions correctly, could the enemy be broken quickly?


Tokugawa, in an uncharacteristically rash mood pushed men into battle rapidly. He wanted morale boosting, wins early.

All the initial attacks went well. Not to be out done Toyotomi’s forces eagerly engaged. Then the lines wavered forward and back. None could disengage or re orient. Fighting continued unabated.

Reinforcements were sent to plug the holes in Tokugawas line. His frustration mounted with the secret allies reluctance to engage! He ordered shots fired at them!

The more numerous enemy began to weigh on Tokugawas fortunes.


Many heroic acts were performed.

But slowly the tide turned against the upstart.

Drawing down reinforcements, Tokugawa realized he was lost.

Allegiances changed as the tide turned. IT was time for Tokugawa to leave the battle field in shame.



One thought on “Tenkatoitsu brief AAR

  1. Die, Upstart!

    I remember playing this a few moths ago and Emerald Tavern. Good game, god system, fun era to game. We need to get it on the table again.


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