Teaching Panzer…sort of.

A quick overview of the map, the counters and what the various tables per Unit type were. Lets roll dice.

2014-12-03 18.09.12


One of the fun parts or tedious depending upon your attitude is the approach to battle. How you tackle each tactical situation can mean a lot. I dont think we experience much or generate much narrative if the two sides are ready to bash from moment one unless you are playing a fast paced game. Panzer provides a nice level amount of detail here.




The Spotting rules are discussed post error on my part. Once the T-34s hit the rough they are harder to see, but  then end result would have been the same. One or two Overwatch shots, then boom the long range panzers would have struck… It was a one sided blood bath but we walked away with a new fan. Mission accomplished.

2 things we did do differently during our quick play.

1. To Hit roll. The units number on the 2nd die – so say I roll a 56. That 6 becomes the location of the hit. This saves a die roll. We did not use the optional penetration rules, nor turrets but included all the other major advanced rules.

2. Initiative. After explaining the standard game initiative we then discussed how I have experimented with it. Each side rolls and a platoon is selected to execute an order. Either move or fire or N/C etc. This introduced some higher level of chaos for the battle plan in a situation where both sides were equal experience, but it makes little difference in a situation where veterans would gain a 40% bump. IT seemed to work fine.

Does anyone else have a personal hack for the initiative system in Panzer besides the Advanced optional rule?

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