Seeing BCS played by Pros.

While at Game On I had a chance to see the hard core OCS/TCS and now BCS players cranking on a late stage scenario of BCS’s first title Last Blitzkrieg.
They had epxerienced some of the frustrations and challenges I faced solo. They however have over come!!

Above, Support Weapons counters are replaced with tiny dice much easier to use and to see what is going on.

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MMP newsletter

Items I found noteworthy –
IGS/GTS Update  A Victory Awaits

If you know A Victory Lost, you won’t have any trouble with A Victory Awaits. Lots of game play but also one of the lightest rules loads of any Barbarossa game in a very long time. A Victory Awaits is actually three games in one! You can play just the Army Group North, Central, or South games, or play all three at once in a grand Barbarossa scenario!

Playtesting indicates this is a solid game and worthy addition to the IGS line of games. We hope to add this to the preorder page soon!

Question becomes for the above. Do we need another Barbarossa game? Do we need another Bulge game….How many are enogh and how do we tell which are worthwhile?

On that note:

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Massive post: Northern Campaign AAR Last Blitzkrieg

Written by Russ Massey in the UK, who kept meticulous notes. My physical world game play has stalled due to the fur ball I have created  in the North with crossed lines and MSR issues and range issues on HQ’s….sigh. I think I need to reset. I still am struggling to bring some cohesiveness in my mind to the functional aspects of the game play. The rules much like OCS or TCS are crisp and pretty clear. But the practical application of them is not so clear. Which then sends me diving around the book – double checking a Legal Hex on page 30, flipping to review command radius of page 11 and definitions of Safe Path on Page 5.

Last Blitzkreig

I recall many false starts with OCS in the beginning. I’m sure this will see its way into my brain eventually. So in the mean time we should take a look at the details provided here. I was going to break this up into 2 or 3 posts [I hope it dont snap the back of WordPress…] but it is best viewed as a continuum.

Here we go:

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