Summer Lightning part 3

TURN 2(3-4 September 1939)

Both sides had got reinforcements. Unfortunately for Polish armies the weather is fine. Lufftwaffe will strike from the sky again.



German command ordered to move second line force to front line.


Polish Army “Prusy” did not stay at position and attacks German column using “Balanced Attack” with bravery although Wermacht outnumbered. But German troopers counter-attacked…

… and Polish units had suffered losses. Attack failed.

Army “Karpaty” activated. HQ had decided to attack Slovaks corps and recover communication with divisions near Krakow.

Infantry and mountain infantry divisions had enveloped Slovaks and assaulted Tarnow city.

Slovaks corps was totally defeated. Inglorious campaign for Slovakia!

German 18th Army had began movement. The 44th,45th, 258th infantry divisions and artillery regiment had crossed the river…

… then began attack…



….but attacked Polish units had withdrawed.



to be continued

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