Special Air Service

Come meet the team!

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Bios on the way after Xmas.

In Team Alpha we will learn AJ’s secret. Watch Big Bird man handle a MG, see Doc Amoore care for the troopers and marvel at Foreign Legionnaire turned SAS member Simone work the radio.

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Team Bravo has Smitty the Canadian transplant running demolitions, Keith or KT “Killing Time” locked and loaded on the big guns, Napster, or George as he prefers will gently tend the wounds when they happen and Shifty Shifflett is part comms guru and all around scrounger extraordinaire. That leaves the loner. Wards. SAS Sniper, his story maybe darkest of all.




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Two squads of Troopers. Most actions will likely require both teams and sometimes a sniper to boot!

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Let us all have some fun with this!

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