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Way of the Samurai: a report on the game Sekigahara

Finally came the hand to issue a report about the first war-game, played this year. 4th January, just returned back from a meeting of the new year, we played with Ilya is new from the company GMTGames – game Sekigahara . Alas, then write a report did not, over time many have forgotten, but fortunately, were the photos that will help you and me (to restore the game) and you (to understand how it is played).
Briefly describe the events, which is dedicated to the game. Japan, early 17th century. Unifier of Japan’s land, Toyotomi Hideyoshi died, leaving behind a young son. Between feudal lords erupted struggle for influence over the heir. Formed two coalitions: the Western heads of the deceased ruler’s closest associate – Tokugawa Ieyasu, East – Head of the board of trustees Ishida Mitsunari. More about this confrontation, and the decisive battle of Sekigahare can be read here .
In general, the coalition – the key word in the game. Army of the parties are made up of units belonging to different clans, and not always attuned to all the clans are equally loyal to you. Actually, the main challenge, the main essence of the game – to fight (and defeat) armies, which are almost never subject you to complete.
So, I do not remember, by lot, or not (probably by lot), but decided that I play for Ishida (yellow), and Ilya for the Tokugawa. That you strongly not confused, I will call them by color: Ishida – yellow, Tokugawa – the black boxes.
The beginning: – Say “cheese”. – What is “cheese” in Japanese?
Black – Tokugawa, yellow – Ishida.
Our task – or destroy the enemy leader (in the role of personality in history), or late in the game lead in the number of controlled locks and resource areas (or rather, the sum of software, which provides for them, locks “are” twice as much) .
The initial placement
My main army is located in Osaka. It is evident that this army consists of units that belong to several clans. This is its weakness and its strength.
In the background (we assume that in the east) is small, but homogeneous army Uesugi clan, is also fighting for Ishida, that is for me.
In three large army of Elijah, but they are separated by a thin yellow line of my garrisons.
Yellow and black squares with symbols denote the areas where you can hire a power of the clans.
Slightly to the left of the Uesugi army troops glare on the photo Mori clan. Proud and independent, they are not in the game, I can enter them in business by paying on the map for each block, and it’s pretty expensive, so it is best to use this method, or when things are going very well, or when it is very bad. However, in a critical situation, if the enemy is attacking the capital, they come on their own. But it is certainly not a reason to bring the matter before the siege of Osaka, for the fall of the capital means the death of a minor heir, and losing a game.
In general, Sekigahara is Card Driven Game , “a card game engine” – all the activity it is based on drawing cards. But the work is done with the deck is very witty and quite unlike other CDG .Usually most of the cards used in a strategic part of the game, to activate the units, a set of replacements, movement, drawing historical events, etc., and to the fighting of a small number of cards, which tend to give any bonuses during battle (eg modifier to the die roll). At Sekigahara are all quite the opposite! At the strategic level, played cards at least, one or two units for activation and one for the forced march, and not even played, and reset, and no matter what. But the battle begins almost piece of work with the cards. Moreover, even in battle, and long before him. Even after the deal must estimate how much and what kind of army will deploy in combat, and depending on this to define a strategy on the course. In the battle should be very careful to dispose of cards, allowing for the possibility that the enemy may try to lure some of your troops to their side.
The second move. Ilya sends one of his armies … where is it?
At the storming of the castle …!
Attack Ilya quite logical: the locks are given for Victory Points, and in addition, the owner of a larger number of locks receives an additional card at the beginning of each turn. A map – this is a strategic and tactical resource, they are superfluous.
The third course. The castle was taken. Another, “southern” Elijah comes to the army of the north in the direction of another one of my castle. I move my ” Grand A rmee “from Osaka, Kyoto, ready to beat off to his castle.
Then it’s time to talk about the movement of armies in the game. Standard army can only move in one area. Not very quickly, right? But there are modifiers that are used almost always, and they can significantly accelerate the movement of your troops. First, if you’re moving on main roads, you get one to move. Second, if your army is “commanded”, get another one. “Under the command” – means that the army is a block leader. In this case, you have to show his opponent that he was convinced that you, ahem, honest. However, you can do without a leader, if your army starts moving in the capital or in the Castle. Thus, we can hide the presence of the enemy leader in your army – let him think that these few thousand armed men just walking in his direction. Yes, another one can be obtained for the forced march, dropping a card in hand.
Thus, the maximum speed of movement of troops – four areas at once. You might ask the question: why did my army did not go straight to the enemy? The fact is that in addition to bonuses in the game no less frequently used and fines. Rather, fine – he is one, but depends on the size of the army: if your army of more than 4 units – receive “-1” to the movement, more than 8 blocks “- 2” and so on. It is easy to estimate that a detachment of five units will not move without a leader on the minor road, someone will have to leave in place. And the army of more than 16 units in general does not move. So the race for big armies have a limit (as opposed to some other games) is really fun.
And here is the battle! We show Togukavtsam whose land it is!
Have a reason to talk about the combat system of the game. It is very original, and, like the whole game, tied to the cards. Even more so than other mechanics, as it is in battle and become important symbols in the maps.
In order to enter the squad into battle, we must play a card with a symbol of his clan. The output units is carried out successively as long as both players are not saved. After this is calculated fighting force entered the battle groups and the player who it is, wins the battle.
Having just a great army – quite enough to win. It is important to have on hand map of the clans, which are present in your army. Hence the complexity of large armies, if it consists of a set of blocks of different clans, it will almost always be able to fight, but it is often incomplete. If, however, it will consist of units of one or two clans, you may not be at the right time of their cards, and your army will be powerless, this colossus with feet of clay. At the same time, the Army uniform is a very valuable advantage for each additional unit of the same clan, the player receives a bonus in combat, which grows in arithmetic progression. So the question is, what type of army to collect – very, very difficult.
The first battle is won, the lock is released. In the second battle, I attack the army Uesugi clan.
Again, a victory that allows me to select the resource area of the enemy.
In general, Ilya no luck in battles in this game. In my opinion, he won only one fight.
The general form of the table. Walk on it (look), say, counter-clockwise. What we see:
In the box – “dead” blocks, they can no longer hiring.
The deck is clear – there goes played cards.
Phone, means a return to reality.
My “hand” – cards that I currently have, and the reminder of the player, which serves as a reminder of what lies in front of you a piece – a reminder of the player.
Playing a deck from which I get the card.
Cover the lens, if I had not shot and did not put it here, we would not see anything at all.
Sac reinforcements. From this stretch forces, which then can be hired.
Cubes – do not need! We used one as a marker designating the place of the battle taking place.
The end of the fourth turn. Castle in the center was taken by Ilya. The northern army began its movement toward my capital (although it is far).
In the meantime, I managed to destroy the ‘far’ army of black and almost completely – the “first”. I took two recruiting blacks, and now Ilya can not buy multiple units of the clan, he can only buy one in other areas of employment. This is a very important moment in the game, controlling the enemy’s field of employment, can greatly complicate the life of the enemy.
The fifth course. Ilya rearranges. The northern army was defeated in a black combat, and its remnants, retreating, joined with parts of the southern army, which at that time occupied the unprotected resource area yellow. The path to another area of employment Tokugawa coalition is open. Black clamp on both sides.
The beginning of the seventh move. West of the country completely denuded of troops from the Tokugawa. The northern group is broken and retreated. Newly recruited in the south of the army moved forward, attacked and defeated in battle Uesugi army, but the overall situation is not changed – the weak against the two armies have 4 black yellow exceed the size of their army. Yellow lead on points. Even if the black and able to keep their locks and resource area (which is doubtful – two of the three areas are within reach of my arms), then the offensive they have no power.
We decided not to finish the game the last move, Black resigned.
It was, incidentally, in the battles several interesting points.
First, when I was lured in by Ilya unit on its side, and Ilya lured my team.
Second, when I was a card once lured two enemy squad (this is optional).
Third, have a 6 course, we could formally end the game, because I caught the Tokugawa, supported by only one unit. I was able to lure the team to his side, but the deal failed to combat hits, so that blacks should have been applied to his troops just one hit, like losing the battle. Ilya was about to make the Tokugawa sepukku make and finish this game. But according to the rules must first be applied hit squads – traitors. Therefore defectors were killed, and the Tokugawa was able to retreat.
I really liked the game. It is a dynamic, fast. It is a place bluff – frighten the enemy can be a great army without having the card to enter it into battle. Each move has to face the new situation, when some troops refused to fight. On the other hand, there is space and strategic calculation – at the end of the course is cleared only half of the arm that allows you to save the most important cards.
I really like the fact that after each battle get new cards instead played out in the battle. Thus encouraged the holding of a large number of fights. Indeed, the “war on war itself nourishes.”
In general, it is easy to master (all 8 pages of rules), interesting, exciting game.
Usually I write that here, they say, happy to be playing again. But then the real events ahead of the report – I’ve played again in the Sekigahara (this time with Eugene), and the game is once again evoked only positive emotions.
This time I sat down to play for a clan of “black” – Takeda. Decisive in the game were two battles, first in one of the battles I was able to lure to their side once two parties of the enemy (and it brought me victory in battle). Eugene also tried to lure the team, but too early, I still have the appropriate card in hand. And once again I was convinced that we can not leave the map of the last double – otherwise you can lose just two teams.
The second major battle was at the end of the game. My army was smaller, but I had enough cards (some of them just in time came to hand, and another part of me was holding since the previous course) to send its entire battle, including units with special abilities. This allowed me to gain many points of combat forces and the enemy was defeated.
And yes, I am happy to be playing in it yet!

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