Panzer – Scenario #20 Battle for Brody Turn1-8

Turn 1

Looking at the Scenario the Germans cannot really afford to split forces up, unless they create mini kampfgruppen, where they can perhaps have a smoke capable tank with each group to cover the advance. I elect for the Germans not to do that and to advance in force via the most covered route and the closest VP location!

The Germans receive an initiative roll bonus, the Soviets a malus.

The Soviets play Overwatch for the first turn as the Germans advance.

Turn 2

The Soviets plan to try and adjust to the obvious approach lane of the German advance, in so doing lose an Armoured Car. The Germans power forward.


These turns are spent in movement, carefully edging towards the objective and preparing to lay down smoke to cover an advance. The Pzr IVE’s are the only smoke popping capable units on the board so they advance and place smoke. 2/3’s are successful in each effort (1d10<7).

Soviets complete their re alignment allowing for potential mis direction efforts. The Green ATG’s miss. The darn 45mm crews are just not up to the task of shooting the IVe’s in medium cover!

Turn 6

We have some concerns about FC, in building rules for ATG’s for at start and ongoing in the scenario. The Soviets fire a hail of Overwatch fire……missing all shots. The combination of attempting to hit a moving target AND being green has a significant impact on a otherwise straight up shot.

Turn 7

The Half tracks move and unload.

Turn 8

The Soviets fail initiative again!!! Smoke effectively blocks the ATG shots. The infantry and IIIG’s and III F’s move unhindered across the VP bridge and press forward to engage at point blank range. The idea here is the Tanks rack the enemy units with HE, and MG fire then the Squads go in en masse to hand to hand.

The ATG guns finally get a KO on the bridge from the flank. The Hand to hand fighting is brutal…..but effective.

Turn 9 [using alternate activation rules] up next.

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