Scn #31 Panzer Exp #3. Rules confusion

How would you guys play this:

2014-07-27 11.17.50


The Brit Rifle Brig. APC restrict is 10 turns – got it.

However the “remaining British units” ….is that the remaining of that specific formation , or all of the rest of the units in all of the formations that may not move until a spotting occurs?

I assume the Former, otherwise we got… not a lot to do for 10 turns? In fact it would mean a wholesale paralysis. That would be one hell of a rule for historical effect !!!

I assume also the spotting can be handed off so all units in the formation can then move?

A minor note is I cannot seem to locate ‘where’ radios in units are denoted on the Info Cards.

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Hey!! At least say something! ;)