Erigon Valley p2 [Rise of Macedon]


Clitus not to be out done seeks combat. Phillip fades back away from contact, drawing Clitus forward.

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Parmenions men, grow weary from the heavy Sarissas (we guess, as they roll like dogs, 1/0/1/2..really!)

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Top Down view of the situation, the battle field becomes fragmented

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Barylis fares about the same in his series of attacks.

While Grabos and his men pull back into a defensive stance.

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Phillip orders Parmenion to force the issue and kill off the Hoplites facing them. They flank to take the unwieldy formation in the rear.

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These two attacks rout the enemy formations. Causing a general panic (RP 48 of 40) amongst the Illyrians. They flee the field.

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Conclusions :

The big winner here was not the heavy formations of Phalanx but the Heavy Cavalry. Used effectively it first tore apart the Right, and then collapsed the last Phalanx to induce the loss. Parmenions men fought poorly, and were quickly in trouble. This will need to be watched going forward if Phillip is to fulfill his destiny.

Phillips forces while taking 20+ Cohesion Hits managed to avoid routing any of its own units. This means that come the conclusion of the next battle they shall carry forward an extra 1d10 of Rout Point recovery for that battle, or a future battle if so desired.

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