River of Perfume – Teaching a Newb(s)

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I use the term not in a pejorative sense but in the honest appraisal of one person…well two who have not played previously.

But I am jumping ahead.

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River of Perfume is my go to scenario to teach LNL in the Vietnam era. Fast, deadly and it rams the point home with maniacal zeal.

A few weeks ago I taught two people the game from scratch using this scenario. Both took different approaches as the Marines hunting the VC in Hue.

With just 7 turns to capture 5 buildings the Marines are on the clock. In the first play thru I setup all my units in easy to tackle places, as seen above. We taught the hard lesson of sending a probing force out to spot, enabling finding of the enemy, then we fixed them in place via suppression from the big M60 across the street.LNL2014-07-31 20.19.12

In 2 quick turns  the first building is in hand. The VC try firing at units in the open, but the Marines quickly suppress all the bad guys.LNL2014-07-31 20.45.19Next move here saw the suppressed units eliminated bloodlessly via melee in their shaken mode.

Interestingly the other game went 6 turns. The Marine player this time cautiously husbanding teams of men and sacrificing folks to spot. Unfortunately for the VC, theneded up late turn having to either take a heavy +2 fire from adjacent Marines or take their chances with a Melee. Then Reagin throws in his luckyman card!!!!


Game over. I love it!

Two new LNL players join the fold!


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