Red Winter Turn 6 thru 7


This is the third post in a series of 5…ok maybe 6, that covers off on aspects of strategy and maneuver warfare. Post #1  and #2 here .  this game exposed opportunities to try some different ideas and approaches. Note the prior few posts had italics font for strategy notes inserted. this does not.

In turns 5 & 6 the Soviets attack in the North and chip away at the Finns who counter attack and also move Pajari North to assist. This is a a good thing for the Soviets. Who immediately drop their action in the North and encircle the forces holding the bridge.



The Soviets force the enemy off the bridge AND continue the press from the North with new reinforcements that have now arrived.


So lets recap. The Soviets see the Center of Gravity or central point of weakness as the Supply source. They have fairly deftly worked the geography in combination with movement to keep the Finns off balance. Yet despite that the Finns have a straight line defense with a refused North flank.  Its Turn 7.  In our learning scenario the Soviets took 11 turns to be in this situation.  historically it may have happened even quicker.

The Finns have sent a unit to threaten the Supply of the soviets and a rag tag bunch of reduced units will try and prevent that. Turn 7-8 action sees a breach in the Finnish line created by overwhelming arty effects. We pile all the heavy caliber weapons and units into the fray to force retreats.




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