Red Devils

Red Devils, from the Paratrooper Quad in S&T magazine.

The sticks landed mostly without incident.

Men spread out.

After orienting the Red Devils set a cracking pace to their objectives.

As the Germans realize the area is under attack they too react quickly.

Interception of lead elements results in some early vicious combat. The Devils are met with unexpected resistance and units not previously discussed at briefings.

10th and 12th SS immediately make their presence know.

In and around Oosterheek the 4/1 consolidates and looks for locations to hold.

Heavy and accurate arty fire pounds the Brits., which is quickly followed by assaults from 10th SS.

German Arty consolidates across the river.

KG’s and 10th SS combine forces to take on lead elements in the villages.

The combined arms approach smashes the lightly armed and poorly dug in Devils.

As losses mount the British radio back to Monty. Great idea General!! Allies resign.

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