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Crisp morning air greeted warriors from several nations.

Some were up earlier than others. ADC’s leapt to saddle rushing orders to Commanders in the field.

Many were in the saddle prior to sun up, sabers sheathed with cloth to metal muffle noises.

Others broke camp later, after a hearty meal and uniform inspection.

Regardless of the side the men fought for, all were confident.

The Peninsula campaign had proven Napoleon’s armies were no match for British courage and cold steel.

Prussian men had a burning desire to reclaim their manhood after Jena and a host of defeats.

Frenchmen were excited to see the Corsican ride again even if they were weary from decades of war.

They still recalled the farewell made as he departed for Elba.

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  1. Awesome. The way I am doing it is a bit loose, as we have 15 people and it is my first time to GM, first time to play ! 😉 I am using the vassal module with all the players and emails for orders. I have been challenged by estimating where each corp is during the day for ‘meeting’ and I am beleive I am over thinking it. The desire of players to split their corps up and do a. then b. will also have to stop and be Corp movement only, except for the one or two Allied corps spread all over the place.

  2. I would love to see your Vassal module. I have just ordered the Vol. 1 rules and am interested in umpiring a Waterloo campaign. By the way, great videos. I recently subscribed.

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