Operation Totalize

The plan is one thing the map boundaries another. So this baby aint gunna play out this way.

Further exploration found some other un tested set up areas. All cool. But we will move on to a different scenario. The feeling I derive from this is that Normandy was a narrow fronted shit show. The real game in any Normandy title appears to be the campaign.

Ok. But IF I do not want to go thru your interpretation of the landings may I please have a DDAY +1 scenario? Thats all I ask. Even if I have to roll for ‘expected losses’. But give me the choice!


2 thoughts on “Operation Totalize

  1. I’ve always felt that way about D-Day games too, all the rigamarole about conducting the landings feels like a time consuming bunch of nothing. I also feel that way about PAC War games that allow you to play the Pearl Harbor raid (I’m looking at you Asia Engulfed).

    • Yes. it’s one thing to be completist but offer those that desire to get to the meat and potatoes a solution. I understand also we might want to see if we can do better at Normandy. But how much better are we really going to do with all the built in ‘tracking ‘ to history. The big pain in the ass that is GTS was a dice rolling fest of epic proportions.

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