One Thing at a Time World at War CounterAttack p1

The Soviet Regiment had orders – Go, Go fast, go far, cross the Rhine!

The men were elated; they had broken the back of the NATO forces.

From the grassy hill near the Rhine River,

Guns traversed and sought targets at extreme range. The primary advantage of the Sheridan was its deadly accuracy for a tank at long range.

One hit however and she was toast tho 

This is a message from Company HQ relay from Bn. “Take them one at a time. ”  “Gents you heard the man, knock ’em down ASAP. Fire at will.”

Soviet Tanks veered. Some were too slow. Several lost their turrets or tracks popped. His command vehicle went around them all. 

“On, On… Go!”

Thru the exhaust and dust of dozens of hot engine tanks the Soviet Commander saw the tell tale trail…”Evasive, Evasive he shouted”

The Soviets were driving the vehicles down the fine West Germany roads at top speed. Orders were to keeping going West. There would be little or no resistance. Ahead the ruins of another town lay waiting.

 “Target Tank, 20 degrees, 3200m missile away”. The gunner spoke, “on target, on target…..scratch 1” 

The commander did not acknowledge “New target; tank 25 degrees 2800m fire” ….The men and machines fired ceaselessly. The Soviet armor was tough even for the shillelagh missiles, humidity rung havoc on the IR guidance sensors…

As they approached the Dattenberg bridge, Commander Lucheniskovnichka.. Luchen to friends, peered back at his Regiment strung out on the road.

It could be worse he thought. He turned his attention to the task at hand. Another mile and they would be in Dattenberg and in range to engage the enemy. He hoped they were not Abrams.

“target 2800m, fire” “Captain we are out….repeat out of ammo.’ What the hell thought the US platoon leader, already! 
” Get on the horn and get more missiles up from Rahms ” he said. ” But sir, they are going to be on top of us before it comes. We gotta bug out” the tank commander from Bravo1 said.
Silence across the static….

“Get the ammo soldier.”


“scratch 2. ” Came the calm and focused voice over the US battlenet. 

Luchens platoons rolled into Dattenburg. He quickly took stock of the smoking wrecks behind him. His regiment was now strung out. “Find those tanks, and get 143rd on the horn, they are supposed to be providing support.” As he spoke……

Part 2 shortly.

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