Oh gee..aint we popular now!…

So wargaming gets an article in the pseudo trendy Kotaku site ..and it’s a predictable backhanded ‘golden days’ kind of nod/slap to/at wargamers,

‘All tongue in cheek good fun of course, no harm meant old boy’, type of thing, and its mouth piece is none other than the one and only post relevant wargame designer himself Richard Berg.

Exposing his great disdain and amusement at the folly of SPI’s African Campaign [yeah his design], disregard for the wargamers who try to play it and acknowledging that some of the rules were…you know…just taking the piss, or in fact just plain to quote “suck”.

Ahh. well retirement cant come quick enough, then we can all get back to being ignored and play with our little counters and hexes in peace. I’d love lots of new wargamers….but not generally speaking Kotaku style folk. Remind me to thank the author Luke Winke !

The article:

In reality its not that bad, I thought I might have a bit of fun with Poor Old Bloody Bergie. We need him to carry on designing ….well let me rephrase that we need him to finish the Ancient Worlds Series next module “Thunderbolt”, then he can retire and shove lard down a gooses throat in pursuit of his culinary excess.


9 thoughts on “Oh gee..aint we popular now!…

  1. Tempest (the weather condition, not the aircraft) in a teacup. We wargamers should be glad to get any kind of press..

  2. At least the MOI system is good. Can’t say the same about the designer’s attitude towards paying customers.

  3. The article was worth it to expose the fact that the Eye-ties used the accompanying tomato sauce to boil their pasta so the “pasta rule” mandating increased Italian water usage was a joke. We’ve all discussed the pasta rule for years and now Berg says it was a joke?

    Maybe. Maybe he found about the tomato sauce later. Still, I loved finding about the evaporation rates. I resisted CNA when new, then bought it with a collection, sold it, bought it again, sold it again. Never played it but had my fun just poking through the counter sheets and rules. Some of that era’s SPI games were under-developed game kits and that was the reputation so I didn’t try to actually play.

  4. Let me tie up my man-bun, pull on my skinny jeans and and black tee-shirt with an ironic statement, and head over to the local coffee bar where I can exude angst about monstrous, unplayable wargames.

  5. Tell Mr. Berg we will grant him a dragon from the mother of dragons if he updates War of the Rings and uses Westeros as the subject.

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