Oct 8th CB/GBII Turn 3

Axis initiative was kept this turn. This back to back turn will help the Germans in the North press deeper before Light Mud or Mud ruins the party!

There are however challenges to be faced. With Soviets scattered all about the is a strong desire to ‘clean up’ versus press forward. The turn ends up being a bit of both.

In the Far North the Germans sit pat.  Not so in the Nelidovo – Rzhev corridor.

Here forces tighten the noose on several clumps of units and ensure that those Soviets left at the front are wiped out via attrition rolls. Carefully navigating the thin screening line of Soviet defenses South West of Rzhev, the Panzers find a location to attack. The Ju88 take out the sole unit HQ in the area, preparing for an attack.

Bottom of image the Air strike on Vyazma caused a step loss, leaving the town bare….I know…doah. Soviet forces were attempting ot retreat and were caught out.

Vyazma correction.  With the HQ down, and no units left in Vyazma the Axis do not notice until turn end that the town is empty baring SP and a airfield counter. The  14th Mtr adjusts its move and take the township.


OOS losses for Oct 8th :

The Soviet turn sees a scrambling Eastwards and a bemused sense of concern about how the Germans are weaving around forces. Thinking they could relieve the two largest pockets no break out was attempted. This was a mistake in hind sight. The losses mount up.

Overview of moves by Germans:

Northern Sectors To Orel in the South.

Bryansk Pocket :

Top of image shows Bryansk with much supply, but cut off from rail reinforcement and SP. With Germans moving second they reinforced and flip to combat bat mode in an effort to prevent breakout attacks. Adding units to the town of Zhizda from 10th Pzr.

Forces in Orel consolidate gains and await further supply, and merely envelope a handful of tank brigades that fail their rolls.

While to the South the action picked up a little. Kursk (mid picture near brown hills) is under heavy threat, Supply trucks are now tasked with supporting trace efforts in the Orel-Kursk corridor.

Similarly in Rzhev, they are partially surrounded now also and Soviets build up defenses closer to Moscow. Very low Replacement rolls are killing the Soviets at the moment. The SS spread out, attempting to assist with the capture of Vyasma and secure lines.

26th Mtr and 1st Pazr begin the choking of Rhzev with only a smattering of forces, but intend to hold on until 6th Panzer can approach via Nelidovo. The Soviet cav hope to intervene to break the German advance up, where they attack a lone Arty unit of the Wehrmacht.


1st Panzer Group presses hard just South of Vyasma and uses 11th Pzr, 20th Pzr and 3rd Mtr. To stem the tide of retreating Infantry forces. While 5th secures Zhizda.

Further South the Soviets dig in around Kharkov, looking for weaknesses where the Germans may attack, and areas to plug with reinforcements arriving and extra HH.

4 Divisions manage to escape the pocket East of Poltava and head for Kharkov.

Attrition rolls take their toll on the Soviets here also as several units surrender.

The German Divisions breakdown to provides protection for their fragile supply line as Soviets stream to the rear.

In the Kerch Peninsula the Soviets receive more bad news. German forces pressing a very risky attack succeed in knocking a hole in the defense line and press home their advantage.

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