OCS GBII 5.2 Turn 2-3/14 [Learning OCS Series]

The situation near end of Turn 2. Whilst good novice advances were made, it is possible to be more bold. Plus we rolled for reinforcements incorrectly so I’d like to fix that and a myrid of other little errors.

There are layers of rules:

OCS series rules, primary functions that will drive game play

Module rules, those specific rules that give the battle flavor and replicate the situation historically, i.e. Tree Bark.

Then each scenario is going to have some key rules too. In this particular one, we must 1/2 supply as it is a smaller map and part of a larger operation, plus reinforcements randomly (1d6) are allocated to the map North of us, not in play1 Ouch. This affects both sides.

I think we did ok here, just not great.

In the north I try my hand at squeexing the line. While it is easy to defeat these 122-2 units, no real progress can be made as you have no where near enuff supply to affect a real break thru 2-4 hexes wide. As well you have no units that can move fast enuff to exploit that gap in the

woods and swamp.In the South the Pazr units go to town. Kursk that is. Seeing the opportunity to blast into there we do. Only a line of units and defense in depth is going to stop the Panzer Groups.

The exploit then gives the 10th a shot at taking our an HQ which they do.

We halted play here and went for a reset. Lots of reasons, but primarily so I can continue to learn. This is certainly, in the early stages at least  more fun than the Burma title.!!.

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