NTND: May-June 1965/2

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The Vietnam War in 1965 was a low intensity affair that quickly escalated towards year end. Political means were tried to resolve the situation, as were kinetic actions to demonstrate strength by both sides.

In our game, it seems as tho the US is off to a poor start. However as reinforcement ramps up perhaps this will change. Lets look in and see what transpired May June ’65.

Reinforcement Phase

Cadres are earned 1 per area based on a die roll against the # of towns controlled.

I Corp : 2 towns 2pts, they roll and earn +1 Cadre

II Corps: 4 pts, and a decent roll =1 extra cadre

III Corps:2 -1 ZOC = 0

IV Corps: 4 =1

During the Monsoon season – just 1 attack in Laos removes the mercs from 1712 in Laos, and the .

Historical Background for 1965:

Johnson s national security adviser, McGeorge Bundy, arrives in Saigon on February 4th. arrives in Hanoi.

Vietcong. Stage attacks against US Installations.

Johnson authorizes Flaming Dart, American air raids against North Vietnam.

Dr. Phan Huy Quat forms government in Saigon, February 18; General Khanh leaves the country.

Operation Rolling Thunder, sustained American bombing of North Vietnam, begins.

Two marine battalions land to defend Panang airfield, March 8, the first American combat troops in Vietnam.

Johnson, at Johns Hopkins University, April offers Ho Chi . participation in a Southeast Asian development plan in exchange for peace.

North Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham. Van Dong rejects Johnson s proposal, April 8: says settlement must be based on Vietcong program. American command in Saigon reports on June 26 that Vietcong put five South Vietnamese combat regiments and nine battalions out of action in recent months.

Chinese Defense Minister Lin Biao, in “Long Live the Victory of People” Chinese indicate they will not intervene in country.

Johnson approves Westmoreland s request, July 28, for forty-four additional combat battalions.

American forces defeat North Vietnamese units in the la Drang valley in October, the first big conventional clash of the war.

3rd December, American troop strength in Vietnam reaches nearly 200,000.

Johnson suspends bombing of North Vietnam on December 25 in an attempt to induce the Communists to negotiate.

[courtesy Stars & Stripes]

Political Phase.

Running tally for tracking:

1C : 4 towns

II C: 1 town & 1 City

III Corp: 1 town

IVC :2 cities and 2 towns for 6.

1 Cambodia

1 Laos.

17 PP reduction.

Drops US down to 161.

And 1 Corp Area Pre Communist – 160.

US turn

USMC forces, ANZACS, and US NAVY arrive. With Soc Trang occupied IVC is hard pressed and forces are re routed to Can Tho.

US allocates 5 points to Hearts and Minds:

2 to IIC, 1 to IVC and 1 to IIIC & IC, 1 Cambodia = +1. This moves every area to the pro Allied camp at +1 Level.

Allied Units including the ANZAC’s attack a Base in Xuan Loc in IIIC area. Killing the ground unit there.

In IIC Marines attack Phan Thiet – The Marines are supported by the SVA Rangers who perish in the assault. The Marines are forced to retreat again, despite Naval Support!

US Political Phase.

-17 PP, but plus 1for each Pro area +5. Net 148

As a general note, we found some errors in play along the way, and where possible repaired the situation; which usually meant adjusting the PP track.  Overall we are both finding the rules a re hard slog to navigate and find key data points for a given specific situation.

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2 thoughts on “NTND: May-June 1965/2

  1. Mark McLaughlin, co-designer of this game, is a friend and former game buddy (we live far away now). He’s having a surge of Games come out lately, I’m glad to see one of his getting covered on the Big Board.

  2. Thanks Chris. I chatted a fair bit with Mark about this game based on my video comments. Unfortunately this is the last post [I have more game play images] due to my opponent and I agreeing that as of late ’66 US was in a hopeless situation. -Interesting game that really required some rules cleanup, updates and a revisit of play balance, so that the game does not end Jan ’67..

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