Operation Nordwind

by Olivier Ramaille from the Vae Victis #98 Special Issue

Here is a report of a solo game I have made this past days.

First the setup : Not much choice for the germans.
The allied has more freedom in the initial placement. They find a compromise between deployment and borderline cover. The objective of the german is to get to Saverne as quickly as possible in order to get an automatic victory. Of course, the allied must not allow this to happen.

The Setup

Turn 1: German assault began… very slowly near Philippsbourg. The Task Force Hudelson suffer the first casualties, facing the trained 6th SS Nord Division.

End of Turn 1.

Turn 2: The advance of the 17th SS Panzergrenadier Division Götz von Berlichingen is blocked by 12th US AD Hellcats. The
14th US AD “Liberators” arrived to assist the TFH. Meanwhile, the 553th Volksgrenadieren using a ferry crossed the Rhine above Lichtenau. [It was a mistake to do that at this moment. Nevertheless, this action has focused the attention of several US units.]

End of Turn 2.

Turn 3: the 6th SS Nord breaks the TFH line. The 21st Panzer and 25th Panzrgrenadier divisions are at the gate of Wissembourg. The US 36th and 70th division blocked the progression of the 553rd VG and began its harassment.

End of Turn 3.

Turn 4: The 44th US DI counter-attack and takes Rohrbach-les-Bitches back. To the east, the 2nd French DB is circled by german forces but the 14th US AD redeploys and comes to the rescue. The Panzers from the 21st PZ crossed the streets of Wissembourg and continue their progression in the southwest direction.

End of Turn 4.

Turn 5: The Hellcats and Liberators stopped the german advance in the North by their offensive. However, the progression of the 21st Pz brings them near Reichshoffen. The Frenches from the 3ème RTA tries to protect the way to Haguenau. The 36th US ID advanced towards the ferry still defended by the 553rd VG.

End of Turn 5.

End of Turn 6: The pressure of the german assault is more intense. The germans can now see the roofs of Ingwiller. Reichshoffen is taken. Elements of the 553rd VG enter Mundolsheim pursued by the 42nd US ID.

End of Turn 6.

Turn 7: the 17th ss PzG is surrounded and out of supply.The german spearhead is still blocked at Ingwiller. The 25th PzG enter Pfaffenshoffen. The 553th VG is dispersed at Mundolsheim and also at the ferry across the Rhine. The US make the ferry unusable, annihilating any german reinforcment possibility through the Rhine (the 10th SS Frundsberg arrives only next turn and will stay blocked on the other side of the Rhine).

End of Turn 7.

Turn 8: The Panzer divisions were called back to the East front. The US and Frenches are now reorganizing around the german spearhead in order to block their progression and slowly suffocates them. This is the beginning of the end for the german offensive.

End of Turn 8.

Turn 9: The 19th Volksgrenadieren rushes towards Phalsbourg but is caught by elements of the 14th US AD and 44th US ID. The French 2e DB pierces through the german front and isolated the 7th Fallschirmjäger division. The German advance is stopped.

End of Turn 9.

Turn 10: The allied begin to tight the knot around the german pocket. There is no more hope for the german to get to Saverne.

End of Turn 10.

Turn 11: The german pocket is closed to implose. Us take Philippsbourg back.

End of Turn 11.

Turn 12: The german in the pocket resist allied attacks but there is no hope to win. Operation Nordwind is a failure.

End of game.

The game is pleasant.The difference in quality of the units requires more dice throws during combat. There are some movements at the beginning for the german but the regress of the Panzer division to the East front withdraw any victory hope for the german.

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