News from MMP:

VCS Salerno is about ready to ship. I had this one on Pre Order, but after some due consideration pulled  my order. I think the system will be cool from what I have read of the rules, but I am not sure I need another Sicily title. I will look forward to future titles from the series that can benefit from hidden or unknown strength capabilities.

The Devils Cauldron is up on Pre Order. I’ve made my thoughts on the pricing of this module pretty clear.

Warriors of Japan has been handed in to Niko for final art to prepare for publishing. We still have a few pre-orders needed to get this to you but we’ll be ready to go very soon. We are very close to getting over the pre-order number needed, so please get your pre-orders in so we can have this on your table soon!”

New Pre Orders:

“The Greatest Day: Sword, Juno, and Gold Beaches approaches pre-order with just one minor, non-game-related issue to finalize over the next few weeks. We apologize for the delay and promise you should be able to pre-order this one soon. This is a massive game and the first in a three game series covering the first week of the Normandy battles. If you’d like to play this one next month and be the first on your block to stress over landing on a Commonwealth Beach on an overcast day in June over 60 years ago, The World Tour for this game continues and the game will next be on a table at Brogfest on January 21-25 in Charleston, SC. If you’re in the neighborhood and want to push some counters around, shoot me an email and I’ll get you set up.

We also have two new games undergoing preparation for pre-order. Both of these titles have been handed in to Niko for final art.

Smoke on the Water is a tentatively titled CDG on Pacific in World War Two. A worthy follow-up to Fire in the Sky, Smoke on the Water uses a card driven game system to build on the Japanese experience of the war to present a unique game on this theater. We are very happy to have this new Japanese design to offer for pre-order soon.

The First Team is another tentatively titled game. This game features a cards-only simulation of the battles of Guadalcanal. Quick and easy to learn but still with a lot of history behind it, this one will be great when you have that wargame itch but not much time or space to play. An even faster introductory game simulating the Battle of Midway is included in the box. Look for it on pre-order!”

Now these two titles sound interesting, however I am wary given the nature of the system and the fact I have heard nothing about them from anyone in the limited gaming circles I travel. Does any one have insights on the games? – How they play, play time? Scale? Art?…anything? Or I suppose in the typical MMP way we should go hunting thru CSW to find some news? Nothing on BGG and nothing I could find on CSW. Why is this news if there is nothing available to read?

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  1. And still no word about the Here Come the Rebels reprint! Ed Beach has said this is ready to go, yet nothing from MMP. Hopefully they’re just waiting to get more of their WWII backlog out of the way. Still, I don’t see why they wouldn’t just put it up for pre-order, it’ll take at least six months to a year to even make its numbers, if Stonewall Jackson’s Way II is any guide.

    Although Ed Beach did post on BGG and CSW that they’re looking for playtesters for the next GCACW title, Atlanta Is Ours, covering, as one might guess by the title, the 1864 Atlanta campaign.

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