News: Berg out as designer!

Well…. This is a turn of events, that thankfully Heritage is ready to step into and ensure the game is completed. I spoke to Greg and it seems they have things both legally and logistically in hand. Sorry to see that a venerated, awarded, but publicly contentious Designer have this sort of press.




Mr. Berg unfortunately did not complete Conquistador or do any work after his initial rules submission. Even after he was advanced money. We made repeated attempts for almost 2 years to work with him creatively. I doubt that any game company would have had the patience or understanding that my staff has went through in all of this. It almost destroyed our fledgling company.

I have continued to work on the game (while this was going on) to being about 98% complete. And, still intend on releasing it at some point. Since, playtesting is giving me very favorable results. And, that was the only way it was going to get done. I believe we have a good game reminiscent of the old game. But, none of it is Mr. Berg’s anymore. Not a single sentence, card, bibliography, designer notes or map are his.


Also, due to this we are cancelling all of Mr. Berg’s titles under contract. And, they will be removed from our sites ASAP. We wish him the best of luck and really did wish that it could have worked out.

Sincerely, Greg Allen

9 thoughts on “News: Berg out as designer!

  1. Not a legend (except of the hellishly notorious fashion) and not a genius. Courtney Allen is a genius. Mark Herman is one. Not this monstrosity. Has produced more tedious “shelf-ware” thereby turning more people AWAY from war gaming than any other war game designer in history. Demands to be paid up front and then skips out on obligations.

  2. Who is “Greg”? Who is “Berg”? For someone who wants to do a public shaming, this is remarkably incomplete. It won’t even show up when someone searches for “Berg”‘s name on Google. I suppose it’s written for the same audience of 500 people who keep track of this sort of thing, good luck with your insular community.

    • Harland.
      I merely shared the post in quotes from Heritage games that Berg [Richard Berg] was not designing the game, and Greg the owner of Heritage Games would be taking the title over.
      I’ve been tracking this re make for a few years, sorry for the miss communication. No need to be a dick about it.
      In the mean time Richard Berg
      Is a famous some say infamous board game designer. He has been around since the 70’s I guess. He has designed some of my favorite games – Carthage, Great Battles of History etc.
      I assumed that many folk who played wargames or were involved in the community of wargamers would know who he is.
      Non wargamers dont usually visit my site, so no doubt it has an insider feel to it, but that is not really the case. The blog is just a place to capture what interests me and share my gaming experiences.
      Best Kevin

  3. A excuse me for a second Jimmy Garbino and Hipshot if I’m missing something but Berg’s so-called greatness has no relevancy in this matter at all. He signed a binding Contract With Allen and Heritage, took his advanced pay and bailed. He didn’t even lift a pen or boot a computer up and worse yet he avoided any contact with Heritage. If you believe that’s greatness then you must be cut from the same piece of used toilet paper as Berg.
    That’s downright criminal at a mere minimum irresponsible. Allen’s not even bringing up the devastating reaction it placed on the company with set back, stress, and cost outside of what Berg stole. Allen states in a forgiving manner he wished it could have worked out and wished him all the best, and you call him a dick. Take a moment and look in the mirror, there’s a the dick.

    • You seem to be jumbling responses. So I’ll leave it be. Suffice to say that one can be a good designer and a poor business man and of lax virtue. There are of course setbacks here. The good news is Greg Allen will publish the product in any case, and hopefully we can support him and help it be successful.

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