NAW Linked Campaign Scn 2

Andy’s’ Campaign continues~

I had only one survivor from the previous scenario. I used my 10 rp points to restore my HQ to full strength and two half step platoons. Night rules are in effect for first three turns; HE ranges reduced by one, extra save die.

Turn 1:
Acitvations: EOT, EOT

Turn 2:
Activations: 507 PIR, Btl 107, EOT, EOT

507 PIR Paratroopers advance under cover of darkness toward the town. German mortar op fire misses.

Blt. 107: Mortar fires at paras in open and disrupts one platoon. Infantry consolidates in town.

Turn 3:
Activations: EOT, Btl 107, 507 PIR, EOT

Btl 107: Mortar fires at disrupted platoon and reduces it.

507 PIR: Infantry platoon rallies. HQ and two platoons charge German mortar. Op fire by German infantry disrupts full strength platoon. Americans spend fate point to force Germans to reroll, German miss. Germans spend a fate point to reroll attack one hit, Americans save. Germans spend fate point to force reroll, Americans fail save. Germans out of fate points. Americans spend fate point to reroll save and save. Americans have one fate point. Both American platoons plus HQ assault Germans infantry and mortar. Americans get four hits, Germans two. Germans wiped out American units disrupted.

Turn 4:
Activations: Btl 107, EOT, EOT

Blt 107 50mm At gun fires at disrupted para infantry in town, one hit para saves. German infantry plus hq plus hmg fire at disrupted para platoon, two hits. American spends last fate point to reroll save, one save unit depleted. Second German infantry fires at other disrupted para platoon, 2 hits platoon destroyed.

Not a good turn for the Americans.
Situation at end of Turn 4:

Turn 5
Activations: EOT, Blt 107, 507 PIR, EOT

Blt. 107: 50 mm At gun fires at Americans in town, one hit . American platoon destroyed, HQ reduced. German infantry sits tight.

507 PIR Infantry passes out of command check, mortar team doesn’t. Infantry moves into woods south of town. German op fire disrupts one platoon. Reduced hq joins infantry.

Situation at end of Turn 5

Activations: 507 PIR

507 PIR Infantry fails to rally. Mortar team fails out of command check. The Americans don’t have the strength to storm the town sot the Americans withdraw, to await tank support. German victory. Campaign over.


I think this deserves a replay! With a better US result in Scn 1 Andy could bring the US back in more strength for this effort.

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