MMP Sale….really?

As an ardent fanboy of the MMP product suite…sans ASL [I’m just not there yet ok…]

I am pleased to see a sale. I should be pleased right? OCS, TCS,SCS and ASL stuff on sale. Right?

The first reaction is whoa!!! Those are low prices.

Then you realize this is ziplock copies. Phew. For a second I thought I was being penalized for PXXX ordering!

So we can relax and enjoy the Butterscotch Pudding Day sale. I’m not sure what that image  is on the sale email. That is not Pudding where we ex Empire folk come from.

This is pudding:


I would have liked to see OCS – The Blitzkrieg Legend or War of the Suns. However I imagine that ziplock bagging that is not practical. I highlighted my favorites.

2014-07-12 09.48.42

The List...
Below you will find the list of ziplock games we plan to offer during the National Butterscotch Pudding Day Sale. As you can imagine, some supplies are limited but the sale will remain in effect until the boss pulls the plug, so get yours while you can!

Storm Over Stalingrad ($22)
Armies of Oblivion ($80)
Rock of the Marne ($20)
Canadian Crucible ($26)
Afrika ($30)
Doomed Battalions ($60)

Yom Kippur ($20)
Operation Watchtower (ASL Historical Study) ($40)
Breakthrough: Cambrai ($20)
Stalingrad Pocket 2 ($25)
Bloody Ridge ($20)
Burma ($28)
The Mighty Endeavor: Expanded Edition ($30)


Hit up the site on the 19th of September. 1 copy of each only allowed per person ordering.

Git sum!!!

2013-11-29 10.56.48

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