MMP New Reprints confirmed and The Greatest Day

The MMP newsletter:

We have exciting news for for IGS/GTS. We are very happy to announce the pending reprints of three of the most popular games in the IGS and GTS lines.

First, A Victory Lost, designed by Tetsuya Nakamura, simulates the Soviet Army attacking the Axis Armies after the encirclement of Stalingrad. With the 6th Army trapped, the Soviet Army has nothing less than the entire Axis southern front in its sights. Only a brilliant yet desperate counter attack called the “Backhand Blow” would stop the Soviet attack and stabilize the southern front.

Warriors of God is returning as well. A winner of the Charles Roberts Award for the best pre-20th Century Game, Warriors of God features two complete games in one box. One game, named after the movie “The Lion in Winter”, pits a resurgent England against France in the 12th and 13th centuries. In the second game, France has its turn to be resurgent and with Joan of Arc in the lead, takes back what is hers in the 13th and 14th centuries.

Both A Victory Lost and Warriors of God are in production and should be available shortly.

Finally, one of the most popular games ever produced by MMP may be back after a 7 year absence. The Devil’s Cauldron is a giant game of the northern half of Operation Market-Garden focusing on the defense of Arnhem. Don’t miss your chance to pre-order this title!

But that’s not all!

Where The Devil’s Cauldron started the Grand Tactical Series off with a bang, The Greatest Day is sure to keep the series alive and well. Covering the Eastern portion of the Normandy landings, The Greatest Day will have the same stunning detail and graphics you have come to expect from the Grand Tactical Series. Look for this great game to hit the MMP pre-order page very soon. The game is undergoing final layout and should be on pre-order in a matter of days, not weeks. We expect The Greatest Day to hit its pre-order number in record time, so don’t wait to order yours!

DC retailed for $190 so about 120-140 for Pre Order. So if you can wait, do not pay more than that on Ebay folks!

If you dig monsters then today is your day, with The Greatest Day and DC soon to be on Preorder!

On the other hand for a simpler approach : AVL retailed for $30, and from my view point $20 is too much for that game. It could really have been a solio style game in a ziplock. Solid but underwhelming, ugly counters and a drab map with some historical and game mechanic holes large enough to drive a train thru….Get it..Train..never mind….Read the rail transport rules.

Ok that is it. Salerno next on the print cue and boy am I excited about that!


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