Metagaming Microgames

Upon cross examination Justin (IMagus) from Board Game Geek faithfully promised to send me a copy  of the inexpensive 1980 micro game Rommel’s Panzers he found at a book store.
These titles are short concise simple explorations of snippets of history. Funnily enough a Steve Jackson incarnation shipped originally from Austin Texas….my home town.
Some weeks later not only does the game show up:
2014-06-11 14.49.10
But it came with friends! Ram Speed
This was so very thoughtful and one of the reasons why I tolerate some of the stupid that goes on over at BGG. While good guys such as Justin are around I’ll stick with the site.
2014-06-11 14.49.24
these will make neat travel games for over the summer.

Hey!! At least say something! ;)