Mercenary War 241 BC part 3

Antaritus elects to retreat from the boiling fury of Barca into the town. Forcing a siege. Feeling secure in the fact that he will last the year out and force Carthage to terms.

2014-07-30 18.29.46

Spendius speeds to Capsa to invest it. Successfully doing so.

Meanwhile the Army of Hanno takes a chance that they can defeat Spendius who is sieging the township, and use its last months in activation in the year to return and free Sufes.

However Spendius has gathered forces from across the land and presents an army for the first time that is on par with Carthage. Even their Cavalry are superior.

2014-07-30 18.40.38

The Elephants charge, Spendius seasoned in the ways of the beasts now deftly destroys 20 or more and just a few break thru his left flank. Both sides fight fiercely neither giving quarter.

The battle rages on around the town. Each army loses 15% of their force. Both retire to lick wounds at the edge of town.

2014-07-30 18.40.47

It would appear that Carthage cannot break the Rebel spirit. [REmaining chits will not allow Carthage to remove ownership of the three cities by the Mercenaries.

They cede Tripolitana to them and strike a Peace treaty, ending  The Truceless War

2014-07-30 18.40.55

Wrap Up

After my first play with just land war and no Politics or Navy I am excited to play a more in depth scenario.


Blue Stars are Carthage sieges. Orange Stars are Merc sieges

Roughly accurate highlight of moves made  by year.

This little scenario has a lot of choices wrapped up in it and some excellent themes come drifting out of the combat. I can imagine the Great Battles of History maps as the conflicts unfold. Wonderful.

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