Massive new Scenario!!

You wont believe just how big this is. It drops to the public today or tomorrow. GET IT!!!


How big…Well lets just say it is the single biggest scenario ever from Flashpoint Campaigns.!

This is WWIII writ large my friends EPIC in SCALE!! Here is the story:

The Soviets have broken thru!

Civilians block the roads,1st SovietGuard is eating the Germans.

The 5th Panzer Division is sent to blunt the force via flank attack…But where are they exactly.

3rd Armoured and 8th Infantry have to hold the bridges, and its a really crappy way to start a Tuesday!

The Briefing:


Watch live streaming and recorded play of this 14 hour long scenario over the coming days!!!!!!

The Map:

2015-12-11_7-05-56Flashpoint Campaign developers ON Target have done it again!


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