Lock ‘n Load: HotB, HotG, HeP

Got some Lock ‘n Load goodies in the mail the other day. Big shout out to Pete for the awesome deal! Definitely going to enjoy these. Took some photos that I threw up on the Geek on my LnL blog, so figured I’d share the love. I started a blog over on BGG focused around learning Lock ‘n Load – in the near future I’ll be posting both here on The Big Board, as well as putting my posts here on BGG as well. I’m going to tailor the content for this blog, so I can more easily transfer it over to BGG as the other way around is a bit more challenging. Anyways, enough text; lets get to some nice shots of Mark’s great games.

The BGG Blog can be found Here.

Heroes of the Gap Map – 22″ x 34″

Can you tell I’m enjoying Lock ‘n Load? Really looking forward to getting more content up here on it. This system really is amazing, and if you haven’t given it a shot you really should. The best thing about it is, the narrative that is created. Anyways, just wanted to share some shots I took as I unboxed these. Enjoy!

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