5 thoughts on “LNLP Update Coming

  1. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. Wasn’t sure by the website if the company was going under or not. I love their products and invested in Normandy. Appreciate your efforts.

    • Lee, thanks. I think the company is solid, financially for now. They are investing heavily so they can avoid the errors of the recent past.

  2. Now Sunday, May 24th. Haven’t heard anything yet. Is there any news? Thanks. Mark

    • This was a year ago. I’ve posted several videos about the changes. As well as the subsequent non appearance of product. That appears to be changing with the recent release of 4 games

  3. June 4th —- NOTHING from LNL yet?????? Heroes of the Pacific and Mare Nostrum were preordered years ago!! I’ve checked their website regularly —– nothing in the news. Mark Brownell

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