La Bataille Talavera Counters

The community of wargamers never ceases to amaze me, here, and elsewhere on the web.

Over the past few years since I rejoined the fold I have had many generous offers, and acts performed for my gaming endeavours.

From offers of loans of titles such as The Longest Day, copies of games I just “must play”, scans of rules, articles to enhance play, replacement counters sent for free and more.

2014-08-22 16.38.11

Marc exemplifies what has consistently amazed me about the wargamer community. Today I received a packet in the mail with the full set of counters from his 2nd Edition of La Bataille d’Espagnol: Talavera and a personal note about the counters (he must know I’m not as OCD about storage as some..ahem)

2014-08-22 16.32.43


So thank you to Marc and to all of you who make this such a great place to hang out.

I’m off to setup Talavera and plan to start playing this weekend.

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