Kickstarter blow out! Armageddon Wars

While Super-Major sounds like an amazing Trumpism… I dig it. Mark has ‘yuge’ plans for the game. There is nothing better than a game designer who wants to jam more goodness into the box! – That box BE BIGLEY!

But serious super major? Are we talking extra boards? More counters? More factions?

Will it all fit in the same box and fit post punch? Just How Super Major will that box be?

I’m in. Come on – Get with the program. He is a very, very, very nice man! :

Mark Walker:

“I came in last night to find we had funded in six+ hours. I wrote a thank you note to all of you all and somehow forgot to publish it. Please accept my apologies. In truth, I am once again humbled by your faith in our games. I believe you all will love this game.

Stay with us, there are a LOT of stretch goals to be announced. Some of them small, some of them super-major.

Thanks for your trust.


Play test counters

The project can be found @ Armageddon Wars on #Kickstarter.

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